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Sagging Breasts After Weight Loss. Causes of Sagging Breasts.

Sagging Breasts After Weight LossBreasts are made up of mostly fatty tissue that sits over the chest. It's this fat and the amount of it that determines breast size. Breasts also consist of glandular tissue, a specialized tissue that produces milk. During breastfeeding or pumping, this milk travels through a network of tubes called ducts and out through the skin of the nipple.

You might have noticed that after losing the desired weight, you are facing a new problem. In fact, the breasts might get smaller, their shape may change. Many women notice that weight loss causes sagging breasts. Therefore, some women decide to restore their breasts with surgery.

Let's review the main aspects of breast sagging and how it can be affected by weight loss.

Breast Shape

Connective tissue and ligaments give the breasts their shape. Over time, these can weaken and offer the breasts less support. This causes them to sag and change shape. It's also one reason why older women in particular notice sagging breasts as they age.

Breasts come in many different shapes and sizes - some big, some small, and some different sizes to each other. These variances are down to breast composition, which differs from person to person for many reasons including weight and hormones. The shape of the breasts also naturally changes as a woman goes through her life.

Breast Sagging

A woman's body changes over different stages of her life. Weight fluctuates, so the amount of fat and muscle in the body changes. The breasts are no exception. Being largely fatty tissue, breasts get larger and heavier as weight is gained, and shrink when weight is lost.

Breast Sagging

According to

As breasts grow and become heavier, the ligaments and connective tissues that support them and connect them to the chest can become overstretched. As they only have a limited ability to retract, a noticeable stretch or sagging of the breasts is often visible.

What Causes Sagging Breasts?

Sagging breasts is also a completely normal consequence of getting older. So normal in fact, that it has a medical term - breast ptosis. Some of the main causes of sagging breasts and changes in breast appearance are:
  • Ageing
  • Hormonal changes during menopause
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Large breast size
  • Weight gain and loss of skin elasticity
  • Fast weight loss
Weight loss leaves an effect on breasts that is pretty much similar to that caused by the processes of aging, with the firm tissues of the breast growing into fatty and baggy tissues. This process brings to a dramatic sagging of breast shape and cannot but raises concerns of women as well as men.

Sagging Breasts After Weight Loss

When someone loses weight, fat is lost from all over the body. It's not possible to target a specific area to 'burn' fat from. This means that large fat stores, like hips or breasts, are places where weight loss is often more visible.

Breast Sagging After Weight Loss

According to Women's Health:

The more weight is lost, the looser skin will be. This is because the skin is stretched more to accommodate the increase in fatty tissue, which is later lost. The skin envelope remains the same size but because it doesn't have to stretch as far to fit over the smaller amount of fatty tissue, it can look deflated.
Breasts get their firmness from the proteins collagen and elastin. When weight is lost rapidly, these proteins are put under more stress and skin is more likely to lose elasticity than if weight is lost gradually over time. Losing and regaining weight is one way that these proteins can become permanently stretched.

Sagging Breasts After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are also common causes of sagging breasts. Breasts enlarge during pregnancy due to increased fatty deposits and blood flow to the area to help the milk ducts and mammary tissue grow.

When the baby is born, breast milk fills the breasts and can cause the skin to stretch even more. This means that by the time the milk dries up and the breasts return closer to the way they were before the pregnancy, breast shape can change significantly.

Breast Sagging After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

According to MayoClinic:

Some women are left with sagging breasts if the breast tissue shrinks down but the skin stays stretched. This sagging can happen whether or not the baby is breastfed. It is not the act of breastfeeding itself that is to blame for breasts sagging, but all the bodily changes that come during and after pregnancy.
Sagging breasts are often more noticeable with each additional pregnancy due to more fluctuations in body shape and size.

Small Breasts After Weight Loss

When a woman loses weight, in has an impact not only on the skin. The breast issue itself becomes less firm and supple. Many women notice they have changes in breast size after weight loss. While being beneficial for entire body, most weight loss procedures are likely to cause decrease in breast size.

That is why many women start looking for the options to enlarge their small breasts after weight loss. It helps to gain the lost size, enlarge breast, and improve overall appearance.

Breast augmentation after weight loss

The augmentation of small breasts can be performed in different ways. Normally an operation includes one or more cuts near the areola and sometimes in the underarm. There are two common places for the implants: under the breast tissue and underneath the breast muscle. Many women believe that if the implant is placed under the breast muscle, the breast looks much more natural and attractive.

Breast augmentation after weight loss

According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons :

A small breast augmentation is performed with "twilight" or general anesthetic, and it is a same-day procedure. A surgeon needs just about an hour or two to complete the operation. Postoperative pains should be eliminated by oral medications. In most cases patients are able to work in a seven to ten days on the average.

How to Restore Sagging Breasts After Weight Loss?

Significant decrease in skin elasticity is one of the most noticeable repercussions of rapid weight loss which affect the entire body with breasts being no exception. There are different options to restore breast appearance (commonly known as breast lift) and of removing the sagging breast skin is aimed at making the breast tissue and nipple more attractive, "uplifted" and young. Moreover, it also has a goal of making the breasts more elastic like it was before weight loss.

Surgery for Sagging Breasts After Weight Loss

While breasts sagging after weight loss is completely natural, it can cause some women to lose self-confidence. If someone is really unhappy with their breasts, surgery can make the breasts look and feel fuller again.

There are different surgical breast lift options possible to restore breast volume and shape:
  • Breast lift surgery. Known as a mastopexy in the medical world, this method removes excess skin to raise the breast up into a new position. It won't significantly affect the size of the breasts, but it will get rid of sagging.
  • Breast augmentation. Also known as breast enlargement, this method introduces an implant to the chest. This increases breast size and creates a firmer feel as the existing skin is used to house the larger breast.
  • Natural breast augmentation. This procedure is also known as fat transfer. Fat is collected from other areas of the body via liposuction and injected into the breasts to give them a larger, fuller shape.
Each woman gets her own customized operation that fits her needs best. To reach the best outcome the doctors determine the amount of skin that needs to be removed from the breast. These factors usually determine the type of cut that is required.

Surgery for Sagging Breast

According to American Board of Cosmetic Surgery:

Some patients with larger weight losses need to have skin removed around the areola and the breast. Sometimes, a minimally invasive approach can be carried out with just a tiny scar around the areola; however, it's not very common with the majority of weight reduction individuals because of the degrees of skin atony present.
Most people have no discomfort during this operation, and can get back to work in week or so, and may carry on with their normal routines 3 weeks later.

Exercises for Saggy Breasts After Weight Loss

A decision to surgically change the breasts shouldn't be taken lightly. Some people may want to try at-home remedies first to make their breasts firmer and sag less. One commonly recommended is weight training.

Exercises for Sagging Breast

According to HealthLine Media:

While breasts themselves are made of fatty tissue and not muscle, doing strength training that specifically targets the pectoral muscles can help to perk up the muscles underneath the breasts and give them a bit of a lift.
Recommended exercises include:
  • Push-ups. Starting in a plank position or with the knees on the ground, the body is lowered to the ground and then pushed back up again until the arms are straight.
  • Bench press. Starting lying flat on a bench, a barbell or pair of dumbbells are lowered towards the chest and then pushed up again until the arms are straight.
  • Chest fly. Again on the bench, a weight in each hand is taken from above the chest down until the arms are out to each side, then squeezed back to the center.

Breast Lift Creams

There is no magical cream that can repair stretched tissue. However, there are specially formulated breast lifting creams that focus on the health of the skin and aim to give the appearance of firmer, tighter skin and reduce breasts sagging. These creams won't make the breasts bigger, but they can help restore their appearance somewhat.

Creams for Sagging Breast

According to

Generally, the better the skin's elasticity, the less breasts will sag after weight loss. Skin hydration is part of that, and these breast lift creams can improve the condition of the skin and how tight, bright and hydrated it is. Healthy, moisturized skin may be able to bounce back better than dry, dehydrated skin.
As well as the cream being able to improve skin texture and elasticity, the act of massaging the breasts itself can help to improve blood flow to the area. This, in turn, can strengthen the breast tissue and cause the breasts to look and feel healthier.

How to Prevent Breast Sagging After Weight Loss?

As it's difficult to get breasts to regain their shape once the skin has been stretched, it is recommended that steps are taken to prevent breasts from sagging in the first place. These steps can be taken before, during or after weight loss.
  • Maintain a healthy weight

    It is when weight fluctuates or a lot of weight is lost or gained in a short space of time that sagging is more prominent. Avoid crash diets and quick fixes and instead focus on controlled, sustainable weight loss if required.
  • Quit smoking

    Breasts sag as a natural result of ageing as tissues start to degrade. Smoking speeds up the ageing process as it causes elastin to break down, which causes the skin to lose its elasticity and become less supple.
  • Find a well-fitting sports bra

    Reducing breast motion during exercise reduces the strain on the breasts and can reduce any excess pulling, stretching or sagging.

Natural Breast Lift After Weight Loss

Sagging breasts surgery is not really welcomed by doctors and general public. And there're some tangible issues linked to sagging breasts surgery. Somehow rumor had leaked out to the press that in many cases implants aren't loaded with a silicone gel and lots of specialists are employing enhancements which are full of saline solution as a substitute.

So keep in mind that to get an effective and safe treatment of sagging breasts that will help you following significant weight reduction, it's best to choose natural breast lift methods. This is the best option to get back your pre-existing sagging breast appearance and size.

Natural Breast Lift After Weight Loss

According to

You can find information on natural breast lift after weight loss: herbal lifting gels and breast enlargement pills, which will help you get back your firm and perky breasts you had had before you lost weight. Thus, you will avoid side effects of sagging breasts surgery.

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